Training God’s Kingdom Leaders


This Adobe PDF document link is an outline ofa two-year plan for training potential church leaders. There are four distinct tracks that are crucial in training for leadership in Christ’s Church.

You will also notice that we have integrated the four tracks in order for them to run parallel as far as possible throughout the entire 24 months. There is an abbreviated version beginning on page 16.

Included is a bibliography of key books to use in this discipleship course. The list is not exhaustive butcomprehensive. We suggest books that are easily accessible, readable, and helpful. Most can be purchased through the Christian Education and Publications Bookstore in Lawrenceville. Item numbers are listed with the titles for easy ordering. You will also find a suggested schedule of study.

Each area contains a suggested objective and at least three goals to aid in its accomplishment. The leader or trainer can expand each objective and each goal, depending upon the needs of the individuals involved. Books to use in building each segment are also suggested.

The idea is to use the basic format outlined, but to allow the trainer to develop the sessions. We have defined the parameters of the course, but the trainer will have the best knowledge of the individual’s need for training. As the leader, we encourage you to design your training program with this in mind. If you are using this with groups, our experience has been that each group has enough differences that the approaches need to vary to reflect audience sensitivity.

Underlying this procedure for training leaders is the assumption that God’s leaders must be people of God who “understand themselves and their doctrines.”

First, they must demonstrate intentional spiritual pursuit of God’s purpose in their own lives. Francis Schaeffer’s outstanding book TRUE SPIRITUALITY underscores this vital ingredient of godliness or holiness of life.

Second, they must be strongly committed to ministering to people. Developing genuine relational s kills is necessary to any effective leadership. The “lording over” attitude is not the appropriate approach for people of God. A shepherd’s heart that demonstrates care, concern, and involvement is vital if we are to touch people’s lives; that is, after all, what leadership is all about. Also, leadership is concerned to help people become everything that God would have them become. People skills are necessary to that end.

Third, leaders must have certain skills that focus on the particular task of planning. The calling and challenge to mobilize people to work together toward the accomplishment of some worthwhile mission is a part of leadership. Knowing how to plan, budget resources, and evaluate results are necessary ingredients to leading effectively.

This course of study will encompass all three of the above areas though we realize that there must be an ongoing study if there is to be fruit from the labors. We suggest some primary and secondary resource materials to assist in the process.

Charles Dunahoo

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Charles Dunahoo pastored churches in Georgia and Alabama before being called to his present position as Coordinator for the PCA of Christian Education and Publications (CEP).

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