Trying the Book Case

Losing once is not reason to quit. Ask Thomas 0. Kotouc, a lawyer who represented Mobile school authorities and the state of Alabama in the prayer case that went all the way to the U. S. Supreme Court. The nation’s highest tribunal told the Alabama schools that they couldn’t pray – even silently.

Now, the Montgomery attorney and PCA ruling elder is back in court with another aspect of the same issue. If no religion can be tolerated in state schools, then why should approved textbooks prefer the “religion” of humanism? That’s the question that Kotouc and his partner, Thomas F. Parker IV, have pursued in federal court in Mobile. Associated with them in the case is Mobile lawyer Bob Sherling, a PCA eider. The lead plaintiff is Doug Smith, a Montgomery teacher and one of Kotouc’s fellow members at Eastwood Church there. With permission of the court, it is a class action suit in which the attorneys represent more than 600 parents and teachers listed on the original docu

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