Two Views on Joining the NAE

Joining the National Association of Evangelicals has been proposed to the general assembly by its Committee on Interchurch Relations. Currently, the PCA’s only interdenominational affiliation is with the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council (NAPARC), a fellowship of churches with Calvinistic convictions. NAE membership is being debated throughout the denomination. Some of the issues on either side are discussed in the following presentations. William A. Shell is in favor of joining. He is a teaching elder in Great Lakes Presbytery and the stated clerk of that court. He is associate professor of biblical studies at Reformed Bible College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Opposing the affiliation is William A. Rocap Jr., a ruling elder in the Lakeshore Church, Denver, North Carolina, and a former moderator of Central Carolina Presbytery. Though retired as an executive with the Meredith Corporation, he continues active as a consultant to the publishing industry.

YEA: Strengthen Us, Them

The biblical ideal is that Christians and churches multiply in this world. The early church came as close to that ideal as any in the subsequent 19 cen

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