Welcome to Our New Website!

In June, CEP began making changes to the website in order to provide a new look and convey our renewed purpose to connect and equip those who serve the church in discipleship ministry. The old site had a great amount of material, but much of it was dated and hard to find. We are working to reorganize the new site to better serve as a “hub” to connect PCA members and leaders with resources to help them serve in the local church. As they travel around the denomination, CEP staff members are asking local church leaders to describe what tools and resources would be most helpful to those who serve in their context. In an upcoming issue of Equip, we will highlight some of the specific changes that have been made and how CEP hopes those changes will help you in your ministry.

If you have trouble finding something you’re used to using try using the search bar. If that doesn’t work, feel free to contact the CEP staff to see if it’s still available.

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