What is God? An Investigation of the Perfection of God’s Nature

It is a very special treat for me to introduce you to this book. It is a shame it was not written years ago. I say this because as I read this book I could hear Dr. Reymond teaching these very words and ideas. There was no course I took at Covenant Seminary that changed my life more than Dr. Reymond’s on the doctrine of God. Humanly speaking, I owe my Reformed theology to him as he patiently answered all my typical Arminian questions.

What is so helpful about this book is that it follows the pattern set out by J. Oliver Buswell in his systematics, explaining God by using the fourth question of the Shorter Catechism. Point by point you will see God clearer and clearer for who He is.

Even though this book is not set up for study classes, I used it to teach my college and career class. They too appreciated the depths of truth and Dr. Reymond’s ability to make deep things understandable and applicable.

Bob, thank you for finally writing this for everyone.

Having spent the last eight years in Cape Town, South Africa, as academic dean of the Bible Institute of South Africa and serving there as a PCA missionary, Dennis and his wife Cindy, his son Dustin, daughter Bena, and son Innocent have returned to the states to rejoin the staff at Christian Education and Publications where he served for eleven years prior to going to South Africa.

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