What’s Happening Around the PCA? Christ Community

What’s Happening Around the PCA? God is Moving In Men’s Ministry!

Samson and the Pirate Monks, By Nate Larkin. Because of his own story of addiction and loss, Nate Larkin knows every man’s heart combines sinner and saint, pirate and monk. His book is about a real group of men who aren’t afraid to say so-real men whose honest admission of weakness has been the doorway to authentic calling.

They call themselves the Samson Society. They started in Christ Community Church, Franklin TN, and their society is spreading to other PCA churches. Go to www.samsonsociety.org. to find out more.

Scotty Smith, the founding pastor of Christ Community writes, “Long before he sat down to commit his thoughts on the page, I watched Nate write about Samson and the Pirate Monks with his brokenness, his tears, and his thirst for the mercy and grace of God. And now, I have the joy of seeing the fruit of his journey and labor of love when I look into the eyes of men in our church who are part of the Samson Society-men who are discovering the wonder of the gospel, the necessity of brotherhood, and the hope of change.” Scotty Smith, Founding Pastor of Christ Community Church, Franklin, TN

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