What’s Happening Around the PCA? Helping Men Cope with the Economy

What’s Happening Around the PCA? God is Moving In Men’s Ministry!

Covenant Life PCA, Sarasota: Deacon Dave Enslow will be leading a 2 hour seminar called, How to Survive the Economic MeltDown, based upon Dave’s own spiritual journey through hard financial times and the material from Pat, Morley’s new book, by this title. The seminarpresents lessons learned from the first-hand experience of best-selling author Patrick Morley.?As the survivor of an economic meltdown, Patrick faced bankruptcy every day for seven years. By God’s grace he not only survived, but learned extraordinary spiritual and practical lessons. Here is what two leading authorities have to say about How to Survive the Economic Meltdown….

“I wholeheartedly endorse this book! If you-or someone you know-got caught out by the current economic meltdown, this is must reading. It’s a roadmap to spiritual and financial freedom. It’s that good!” Howard Dayton, Chairman, Crown Financial Ministries.

“I have never seen anything like we are seeing today. There is no one better prepared to lead us than Pat Morley. He offers very practical answer to the questions that all of us are asking. You need to read this book to gain a proper perspective on what is really happening.”Ron Blue, President, Kingdom Advisors

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