Why a Suffering World Makes Sense

We know something is wrong because of all we see around us. We know people do awful things to each other that cause pain and suffering. We don’t always understand why but we know something is not right.

Some cannot accept a good and loving God while living with pain and suffering. Chris Tiegreen brings this into focus in a simplistic yet profound way and shows us how it is to live in a fallen world. He brings us face-to-face with suffering and pain in his personal experience with his sixteen-year-old son.

Why a Suffering World Makes Sense gives a clear presentation of the presence of suffering and why suffering is part of God’s revelation of who he is, his attributes, and the blessings that can be found through suffering. If suffering were not part of life then we would not know God as we know him. He would be a hidden and distant God rather than being the powerful, loving, healing, and personal God he really is. Tiegreen explores suffering as part of God’s plan and how pain and suffering reveal God’s mercy and healing-all of which we would not know if we did not live in a fallen world. This book gives incredible insight into what most people think is inconceivable-a good God allowing his people to suffer with promises of good things to come from it. Need is the stage where God’s mercy demonstrates itself.

Why a Suffering World Makes Sense brings suffering and blessing together and there is much to gain from reading the book. It gives new depth to why we should always seek the lesson God would have us learn through suffering and pain. It helps answer the “why” question.

The overall point of the book is to help us understand there is purpose in pain. It brings together God’s creation as to his power as the Creator, man’s free will, and the consequence of man’s choice to attempt to make it “all about me” rather than it being all about God. The author helps us understand why God remained silent at the most crucial time in the history of mankind and helps to give meaning as to why we live in a fallen world; even the earth groans in turmoil.

Why a Suffering World Makes Sense gives a new dimension to the presence of pain and suffering in a believer’s life. The overall purpose is the glory of God but the journey is difficult, and this book is an encouragement while withstanding the darts of the evil one. It is a strong reminder that as Christians we are not fighting against just a problem but against the problem maker.

This book should be read by Christians, especially those struggling through pain, doubts, or asking questions regarding why things have happened that seem to have no answers as well as to be read by non-Christians seeking to understand why life seems so empty and futile. It reverses the questions to answers while explaining why we need to be asking different questions. The author seeks to bring his readers to see as Christians we need to be relating with the One who allows the suffering; not spiritually crippled by the suffering. It’s all about the Person, not the problem. Difficulties, pain, suffering, hurt, disappointment, betrayal, divorce, death, are all here to stay. What we need is to work through all the trials with our Father who meets us in our suffering.

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