Why I Am a Christian

John Stott has been known for many years for his writing and preaching skills, which he has used to point people to Christ. Here is a book that grows out of his own search and questioning of why he is a Christian, and why others should consider God’s search for them. He gives some very cogent arguments for the claims of Jesus Christ and his redemptive work on behalf of sinful man. You will find the third chapter on the cross of Christ speaking with great clarity on the need of his death, and man’s need to recognize his serving as our substitute. Also the last chapter on “The Greatest of All Invitations” is very persuasive in its appeal to respond to the call of Christ.

This would be a good book to give to a person who may be inquiring about the Christian faith, or maybe wanting answers to the meaning and purpose of life. This book is not a difficult read; it can almost be read in one sitting. It is very timely-with the release of the movie The Passion people are asking questions about the purpose of Christ’s death. This would be a good book to give them.

Richard is a steady student of God

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