Women in the Church Trainers

The CEP women’s ministry trainers’ purpose is to encourage and equip PCA women to think biblically and live covenantally. We currently have seven women who have been equipped and trained to serve in this training program. The training sessions are designed for all the women of PCA churches. Specific application is also given to women’s ministry leadership teams. Material presented:

  • Helps a women’s ministry accomplish the objectives of Biblical Foundations for Womanhood.
  • Teaches women a Biblical perspective of their relationship with Christ, family, and church.
  • Challenges women to fulfill their helper design.
  • Helps women examine the implications of the covenant in their relationships.
  • Trains women to cultivate community by becoming the Titus 2 women that nurture one another for God’s glory.
  • Trains women to be channels of compassion.
  • Equips women for leadership roles in the women’s ministry of the church.

What will a trainer do for our church?
Trainers will help your local women’s ministry leadership team:

  • Evaluate your existing ministry.
  • Understand the implications of the covenant in a women

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