Your Child’s Self Image

By Thomas A. Whiteman. For those of us who are parents, our greatest responsibility in life is to raise our children! Whether one is the president of IBM or a home-maker, before God our most important job is that of being a parent. And the most important priority we can convey to our children is to first, love God; and second, to love others as they love themselves. (Matthew 22:35-40)

An important ingredient in that formula is a proper view of self – to have a good self-image. When people don’t like themselves, they will have a distorted image of God and will have great difficulty loving other people. So, one of our most important responsibilities to our children is to help them develop a proper self-image.

Of all of the problems that I face in counseling and in day-to-day contact with people, the most prevalent and pervasive is that of insecurity and poor self-image.

To some degree, we all struggle from time to time with an improper view of who we are in Christ and the security we have in God’s uncondi

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