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YXL Northeast
Refreshing Mountain Camp
Ephrata, PA

July 10 - 15, 2011
YXL Northeast 2010

God provided in amazing ways as we look back on our first YXL Northeast conference last summer.
  Here’s a brief look at our first YXL Northeast Conference and a preview of what’s to come this summer. 

Wow! As I look back on YXL Northeast it's so amazing to me to think about how God brought everything together. We were so blessed to have solid, reformed based speaking in our daily seminars and evening sessions, a good mix of stretching activities, and a beautiful place to stay (Refreshing Mountain in Ephrata, PA). One element that stands out above them all was how a group of students and leaders from over 10 churches could come together and become so close. It was beautiful to see the body of Christ unite and seek his face. In fact, as I sit here in my office I'm humbled as I read some testimonies from a few of the students from Harrisburg, PA, that attended YXL Northeast. Here are a few of the words they used to describe YXL Northeast: "life-changing, inspired worship and prayer, meaningful relationships, incredible, humbling, and spiritually encouraging."

Our 2011 YXL Northeast Conference will take place July 10th-15th at Refreshing Mountain in Ephrata, PA.  We excited to announce that Matt Brown will be leading our worship and that Derek Bates (RUF Pittsburgh) will be our evening session speaker.  Please pray that God provides us with another incredible conference.    

Brian Ingraham
YXL Northeast Co-Director

YXL Northeast


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