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YXL Conference @ Covenant College
Lookout Mountain, Georgia

July 4 - 9, 2011

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Time is Now...

YXL ClockFinding the right summer youth conference can be a challenge.  People tend to base their decisions of which conference to attend on factors such as who the speakers will be or where the conference is located.  Other important considerations are the cost, the dates and the activities.  However, the leadership teams of the various YXL conferences believe the most important consideration should be the philosophy that is the foundation of all that is said and done at the conference.  The philosophy of YXL conferences is found in the name itself...Youth eXcelling in Leadership. 


Simply put, YXL is a leadership development conference for high school students where churches are asked to identify, recommend and send young men and women that are ready for the next step in their spiritual development.  Through practical teaching and preaching, intense worship experiences, hands on leadership activities and intentional relationship building YXL students are challenged to further develop their biblical worldview and to then put into practice what they have learned in their homes, schools and churches. 


YXL is not for every student but if you looking for a summer conference that devouts all of its resources to seeing young men and women develop as Kingdom leaders then your search for a summer conference won't be such a challenge.  YXL is here for you.


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Read the Letter from the Director and get more information on what to bring and what to expect...

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