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YXL Conference @ Covenant College
Lookout Mountain, Georgia

July 4 - 9, 2011

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Letter from the Director

DannyDear Student,

I am glad you are going to be part of YXL this year. We have a great conference planned, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us.

One of the most exciting changes this year is having Jamie Lambert direct the conference.  If you have been to YXL before then you will know who he is; if not, then please take a moment to read about him on the website.  Jamie and I have flipped roles this year.  I will be the program director while he directs YXL. 

Below is information that will help you as you prepare for your arrival on campus. We have made changes in policies, packing lists and release forms this year so please take a few minutes to read over the enclosed material to make sure all of your questions are answered.

If you have further questions, please feel free to call me at 678-825-1100 or by e-mail at dmitchell@pcanet.org.

I will see you this summer….

 Danny Mitchell

Danny Mitchell,
Coordinator of Family and Youth Ministries 


Registration and Checkout

Check in will be Monday, July 4th from 3:00-5:00 in Andreas Hall. If you are planning to arrive earlier or later, please let the conference program director, Danny Mitchell, know ahead of time. Covenant charges a key deposit of $5 when you pick up your key at registration. The money is returned when you return your key on Saturday.

We will not be staying in Andreas Hall so you may want to leave your luggage in your vehicle when you register.

YXL ends on Saturday morning immediately after breakfast. Check out time is from 8 to 9 a.m. If you need to leave earlier, please make sure that the conference director is aware of your departure time.

Travel Arrangements

Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements. We can try to provide names of other students from your area that are coming in case you would like to ride share. 

Important policy changes regarding travel:

1.  We do not allow students who drive their own vehicles to use their vehicle to leave campus during the conference without prior approval of the director.

2.   If you are flying into Chattanooga, we will provide 2 free shuttle pickups on Monday at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. If you need to be picked up at different times, we must charge a $20 transportation fee. The Chattanooga airport is extremely small so students often find each other while waiting for our shuttle. If you are flying then you need to let the conference director know the flight details  no later than one week before the start of the conference (unless other arrangements have been made with the conference director). We will make one trip on Saturday morning to the airport based on the student with the earliest flight. We are unable to provide multiple shuttles on Saturday. 

3.  If you are a counselor who is driving, please let the camp director know if your vehicle is available to take students to the caving activity and/or the ministry project.


Release Forms 

Please make every effort to have all release forms signed and returned to our office on or by the conference starting. If you are under the age of 18, the PARENTS MUST SIGN the release forms for you to participate in activities. You can access them on the YXL website: www.pcacep.org/yxl/.

1.  CEP Release Form/Medical/Health Insurance Information 

3.  Whitewater Rafting - O.A.R. Release Form

4.  Release form from the Adventure Guild

If you are a student or adult who has limitations that would make certain physical activities difficult, please let the camp director or registrar know prior to or at the time of registration, not during the activities.

Medical conditions and allergies should be written on the medical form and communicated to the registrar at registration. Students are responsible for the safe keeping and administering of all personal medication. Please make sure that all medication is responsibly taken and stored.


Policy Information 

1.  If a student is sent home for disciplinary or medical reasons, the cost will be covered by the parent or church group. In the case that CEP needs to cover initial costs, a bill will be sent to the appropriate party. 

2.  In the history of YXL only a handful of students have been sent home for disciplinary reasons. We never expect to send someone home and make every effort to work out a way for the student to stay. However, the camp director does reserve the right to send a student home or ask an adult to leave for behavior that is illegal, detrimental to the good of the conference, physically threatening to others or sexually inappropriate.

3. YXL’s refund policy can be found at https://processor.pcanet.org/cep/common/terms.htm. Please refer to them before calling the CEP office.


Reminder From the Director:    

YXL is not your typical youth conference and as such we have high expectations for the students who attend.  With that in mind, we do not encourage or knowingly allow practical jokes between dorm rooms, family groups, or guys and girls. Though a good joke can be initially fun, by the end of the week feelings are often hurt. YXL will be packed full of fun activities so we ask you to refrain from playing practical jokes during the week. This includes but is not limited to throwing objects from windows, raiding other rooms or halls, shaving cream fights, fireworks and destruction of personal property. Because we have the best low budget 4th of July celebration planned that you will ever be part of this year and because fireworks are not allowed on Covenant College’s campus, we ask that you leave your fireworks at home.

Part of our expectations for you as a student at YXL is that you for the week we are together agree to abide by the rules of the conference. These will be explained during orientation on Monday evening. None of our rules are designed to “oppress” you or keep you from having fun but are designed for your safety, the morale of the conference and for you to be able to maximize your time at YXL. With that in mind, we will continue to enforce lights out this year which will include making sure students stay in their rooms after the lights go out.

While it is our hope that the Lord provides you someday with a wonderful companion of the opposite sex who will shower you with tons of love and affection, YXL is not intended to be a Christian dating service. If you meet the love of your life at YXL or come with the love of your life to YXL, we ask that you refrain from over zealous displays of public affection. If you are unsure of what this means, then please ask the head male or head female counselor for clarification. Here is a hint, long sloppy kisses before you head to your floor, sneaking off for alone time, inappropriate touching and never ending back rubs would be included in the “over zealous pda” category. We do not allow guys on girls’ halls or in girls’ rooms or girls on guys’ hall or in guys’ rooms unless permission is given by the director, the assistant director, the head male or head female counselor. 

We do not enforce a “dress code” as we think your dress is a matter of personal preference. However, you could be asked to change if clothing were to be revealing or had a message that was not appropriate for YXL.


Conference Schedule

You can view and print the conference schedule here.

Packing List

·         Comfortable, casual clothing designed for hot weather.

·         Swimming Suit: Please, NO 2 piece suits unless it is a tankini.

·         Whitewater Rafting clothes: Swimming suit & Teva-style sandals. Sandals with backstraps/ankle straps or old tennis shoes are needed in the raft.

·         Hiking clothes: You will need tennis shoes for the hike.

·         Ministry Project clothes: We may be painting. Tennis shoes or boots should be worn.

·         Banquet clothes: We end YXL with a semi-formal banquet on Friday night. It is recommended that you bring one set of clothing that is as nice as what you wear to church. Guys’ attire ranges from suits, to khakis and sport jackets, to shirts with ties, to nice shorts and polo shirts to some “creative” combinations. Girls tend to dress nicer including dresses, skirts or pants suits. We take pictures before the banquet.

·         Covenant provides minimal bedding at a charge so you need to bring your own. Sleeping bag or sheets and a pillow are recommended. If you are flying and cannot bring these items, please let the director know before you arrive at the conference.

·         Most students bring cameras.

·         We only allow students to use cell phones (even for texting), personal computers, and mp3 players at appropriate times. This does not include during our large group meetings.

·         All your own toiletries.

·         A towel

·         It may rain during the week. Wet weather gear can be helpful.

·         Water bottle

·         At least one sweatshirt or warm shirt. The room we meet in is usually cold and the nights can be a little chilly.

·         Flashlight. Not generally needed on campus but some students prefer having one.


·         We provide you with a notebook but most students find it helpful to have their own small notebook to take personal notes in.

·         A couple of pens or pencils

·         You are welcome to bring instruments (a bassoon may not be a good idea) but students like to play together during the week.

·         Spending money: lodging, food and activities are covered in your registration cost. However, many students chose to buy stuff in the Covenant bookstore or at the snack shop. After the ministry project most groups stop for drinks or ice cream before returning to campus.


If you have any other questions please call me at 678-825-1100 or email me at dmitchell@pcanet.org.

You can also contact our conference registrar, Kathy Wargo, at kwargo@pcanet.org or 678-825-1132 if you have YXL related questions.

I am super pumped about YXL this year. Please be praying for what God has in store for us. 

See you July 4th,

 Danny Mitchell

Danny Mitchell

YXL Program Director

YXL National Conference @ Covenant College

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